May 8, 2014

5 fruit-snacks for professionals to munch at workplace this summer

Maintaining a good health has become quite a challenging for working professionals.  Working hours of most of the government and private organization are around 8-9 hours. And on an average people spend around 2 hours on commuting. Overall, they have to stay 11-12 hours out from the residence. As a result professionals are left with very little hours to accomplish daily chore including serving family and solemnizing social responsibilities and in doing so they ignore their heath. Lack of time to look after health has left a large proportion of working population with a poor health condition. A small initiative in your eating habit can lead you a healthy life. 

Apart from breakfast, lunch, and dinners, you should start a practice of including some healthy fruit in your daily diet chart. Here is list of some healthy fruits you can munch at workplace.

Grape: As it is berry, you don’t need to peel or cut it to eat. You can easily eat grape at your work place. It is good thirst quenchers. It also satiates hunger. You can eat few grapes when ever you feel hungry and kick hunger aside.  

Black Plum/Jamun: It is rich source of Vitamin C and Potassium. It combats diabetes and prevents common diabetic symptoms like frequent thirst. You can easily eat this tiny fruit while sitting at your work station.

Apple: An apple a day keeps the doctor away! It is world’s healthy food. It helps in reducing cholesterol, promotes healthier heart, beats diarrhea and constipation, controls weight, detoxifies liver, boosts immunity system, decreases risk of diabetes, and many more. So, this is must have food for every individual. You don’t require cutting it before eating.

Orange: Yes, it may be bit awkward to peel orange at workplace but definitely it will not create clutter if you do in manner. After all, orange is good for your skin, hair, immunity, heart, eyes, and brain development. Also it prevents cancer and reduces chance of stomach ulcer. Guys, it improves quality of your sperm. Have an orange everyday and keep your legacy live through your offspring.

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