Oct 19, 2011

Say "NO" to Crackle This Diwali!!!

Celebrate an environmentally safe Diwali.

Diwali is very important festival and auspicious occasion. But, on this pious occasion, we do lots of impious things. We pollute our environment and create noise pollutions by firing crackles. Let's make this Diwali safe and eco-friendly.

In the festival of light, enlighten yourself towards the hazards and threats that pose to our environment on Diwali. Step forward to make Diwali safe and prosperous. Why to make our habitable place a hell by firing crackles??? Lots of heavy smog hangs low in the air on Diwali night.

There are many other ways to make this festival of light exciting. Light the candles, decorate your home with flowers. Prepare lots of sweet dishes and enjoy!

There is no point in creating lots of smoke and waste lots resources lighting crackles.

Take an oath that you will tribute the money to an orphanage or old-aged home, which you were to spent on crackle. You can save the environment and bring little light in the life of these unfortunate kids and aged people. They can also taste the yummy sweets on this special occasion. They will give you lots of blessings and affections.

"Life is important of all. Say no to crackles."
"Crackers are harmful for our lives."