Jan 12, 2012

Mistakes Do Happen

Yes, mistakes can happen even if you try every attempt to avoid them. Mistakes happen not knowingly. You came to know only when everything went wrong. They are like unwanted guests, who irritate you badly till when they are at your place. But it is not so that you will suffer the consequence throughout your life just due to few mistakes. You can correct them once you realize. Guests do not come to your place to stay forever. They will go later or sooner. But if you provide them the liberty to stay in your home without showing your pain, they will enjoy their stay in your place and not bother to move. So are the mistakes. If you will not try to rectify your mistakes, they will keep pinching you for long time. So, don’t get adjustable with them, weed them out as soon as possible.

We are human and not God. So, it is very usual for us to commit mistakes. But repetition of mistakes is not at all good. Those who repeat mistakes are not being, they are either fool, demon, or impractical. So, check your mistakes and be a wise man. Mistakes do happen. Phenomenal occurrences of mistakes are okay but deliberately committed mistakes are blunder.