Feb 5, 2010

Sena: The force of destruction

The country is under puzzle like situation. The puzzle is between to tackle the problem with Pakistan first or with the “Marathi Manus”. The Pakistan is in the race to occupy the Kashmir and the Sena is craving to vacate the north Indians from Maharashtra. Apart from these, the big shortcoming is this that our government is not in position to save either. Kashmir is day –by-day being occupied by the Pakistani militants and North Indians are being targeted everyday by the force of Marathi Manus.
Indian constitution is getting devalued and the Indian Security Force is distracted from the right path due to the internal disturbances. Article 19 needs to be modified to fulfill the keen desire of the Marathi. New constitution of dual citizenship is the demand of the day in order to get rid of the problems like “outsiders”. Now Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Maharashtra is not in India; they are not the one. They are different among themselves, they are not like brother to help each other; rather they are like enemy who cannot suffer to see each other’s ugly face.
These are the motto of the “Marathi Manus” and not of the north Indians. They are the north Indian who still wants the tranquility and brotherhood.