Dec 20, 2012

Feelings are fragile and can be indissoluble at times....

Undoubtedly, feelings are fragile and are hurt even when they’re not supposed to. Feelings should never be left lying around heartless persons to carelessly torn them with some reckless word or deed. 

Indeed, hurt feelings heal but only to a certain extent, in fact, they heal only to the extent that one can guarantee that the same harm will not be inflicted again......but 100% healing cannot be done...there will be scare, which will never be erased..

When the expression of sorry is actually communicated to the brain, it can convince feelings, considering the apology is sincere and that the harm will not be repeated in future and that the remorse is genuine, the emotional pain can subside.....but will take some more time than you expect....

Also, it is better not to apologize rather that doing a fake apology for hurting someone’s feelings because the bearer begins to nurture a reservoir of ache and build a wall around their own emotions with layers upon layers of resentment….feelings are fragile....and it can be indissoluble if it is too late...also apologizes should correlate to change in behavior. 

Dated 20 December 2012 

Aug 7, 2012

Ebooks now outsell print books in UK: Amazon

Yes, it is true that the popularity of ebook is increasing at an accelerated pace, especially in UK. According to Amazon, ebooks now outsell print books in UK. A book retailer in UK said, "For every 100 print books sold, 114 ebooks are purchased". 

Please note that these figures are particular to & and not for print or ebook sales anywhere else online or in physical stores. Anyway, the figure is enough to raise the eyebrows. Very soon, we can see similar figure in common calculation as well. Introduction of tablets and rise of Internet has driven our soul. Today, everybody wants to live an "elife" - online shopping, online reading(ebooks), online communication, online meeting, e- marriage, etc. Hell lots of activities are done online.

Novels and story books are commonly consumed contents on ebooks. Nowadays, digital content providers such as DK (Dorling Kindersley), Adobe, Alacra, Amazon, Innodata Isogen, and AOL are providing contents covering diverse subjects to attract more ebook readers. There will be no wonder when a day will come where print books will not exist but definitely not very soon, it will take hundreds of decades!  

The usability and flexibility of reading ebook is adding to the popularity of this trend.

Jul 23, 2012

Morning - new sunshine, new hope, and everything new!

Goodbyes are always hard. But one exception is there, bidding goodbye to a day is not only inescapable but very easy and most of the time it is our much awaited choice. We slip in to dark night and wait for the morning, which promises new sunshine, new hope, and everything new. It is very true that every new day is another chance to change your life. So, we feel no pain in saying goodbye to a day, especially when passing through adverse stages, while we wish the day to be extended by few more hours when we have our handful. 

But the thing is, when you're in good time, you should not forget the pains of bad days and never disregard who helped you surpass those days. And when you're passing through bad phases, you should never think of good day, such feelings will make you weak and you will face hurdle in reviving. So, wait for the next morning full of hope. The sunrays have the magic and fill you with vigor, energy, and zeal to live in all situations and make it better, and better.  

Do well, be well!

Apr 9, 2012

Apple’s Tim Cook – the highest paid CEO

Tim Cool, the CEO if Apple Inc. is the highest paid Chief Executive Officer in the world. He joined the company in March 1998 and became the CEO of Apple after Steve Jobs announced his resignation on August 24, 2011.He received about $378 million, which includes salary, perks and bonuses ($1.8 million) and a one-time stock award ($376.2 million), that extends over 10 years.
Larry Ellison of Oracle Corp stood 2nd in the list with $77.6 million annual compensation, followed by J C Penney Co. (JCP)'s Ronald Johnson, at $53.3 million.

Mar 12, 2012

Mayawati out! Akhilesh to rule UP...

The democratic festival of election in Uttar Pradesh ended. In the previous term people voted for BSP in majority made the party won but this time BSP could not get even 1/4th support of public. Its score declined unexpectedly which, revealed that public of UP are not happy with Bahenji.

On the other hand, SP - Mulayam Singh Yadav learned a lot from its previous term defeat and tool lessons. This time, the party promised for working for people. The partymen successfully convinced people about its future plan related to development of the region and won the election by far.

The party has decided to elect Akhilesh Singh Yadav, the son of Mulayam Singh Yadav  as Cheif Minister of Uttar Pradesh. Let's hope good and wait to see the deeds of SP.

Feb 16, 2012

Tips for Healthy Sleep

·         Make your own sleep time-table – Do not follow the sleep time-table as said by others such as go to bed at 10.00 pm and take a nap of at least 8 hours. You should make your own routine to relax your body and brain. Even five hours of healthy sleep can serve the purpose well. You can decide your bed time as per your work routine.

·         Dinner should be light – You should have light dinner. Heavy food can disturb your while sleeping. 

·         Have dinner at least an hour before the bed-time Eating close to the bed time keeps sleep away as the body is actively involved in metabolizing the food consumed. So, the process of sleeping cannot go well side by side. 

·         Keep your gadgets away – You should keep gadgets such as mobile devices away from the bed. Keep them in silent mode. 

·         Maintain hygiene – You should wash your foot and hands properly before going to bed for a peaceful sleep. Remove you make-up and accessories that can disturb your sleep.

·         Bed should be clean – Your bed should be clean and nice looking to provide you a ‘feel good’ factor. Do not keep clothes, books, and such things on your bed.

Jan 24, 2012

Mobile Phones - new addiction! Very dangerous!!!

Are you afraid of living a day without your cellphone? Does your cellphone accompany you from bathroom to bedroom? If yes, then you need to reassess your relationship with it and create a space. Kindly put away your phone and consider a break. Click to read Full Article

People check their phones more often when they are stressed or they do not receive updates for long.

Check if you are a cellphone addict or not… and find some re-hab tips that can let you return to normal life...
You can read the complete article at MobileWatch Blog

Jan 17, 2012

Try these 10 ideas for better lifestyle - Very Easy!

1. Replace one of your coffeee dose with a class of fresh juice.
2. Plant a tree on your birthday.
3. Enjoy a ride in public transport at least once in a week and give your car a day to relax.
4. Take care of ME - mental n emotional well beings. Job, wife/girlfriend, husband/boyfriend, friends, family and dogs are important but no more than ME.
5. Say no to gadgets on Sunday. Gadgets alos need a holiday.
6. LOL - laugh out loud at least once a day. Even a single deep laugh in a day will give your body a great sense of relaxation,
7. Listen to your favorite music. Give some place to classical musics in your life. These musics have heavenly power to heel your wounds.
8. Do what that make you feel humane. You can teach poor students for an hour on leave day. You can donate your old clothes. You can feed the poor; serve the old-aged. Do what ever you love!
9. Walk at least 2KM in a week. Don't opt for car, bike, or rikshaw to visit local market. Walk! It is good for your health. Go for a morning or evening walk on weekend. It will reduce the extra fat from you.
10. Don't SMS freinds, who reside nearby you. Go and meet them. Find out time. It will make you feel better.

Jan 12, 2012

Mistakes Do Happen

Yes, mistakes can happen even if you try every attempt to avoid them. Mistakes happen not knowingly. You came to know only when everything went wrong. They are like unwanted guests, who irritate you badly till when they are at your place. But it is not so that you will suffer the consequence throughout your life just due to few mistakes. You can correct them once you realize. Guests do not come to your place to stay forever. They will go later or sooner. But if you provide them the liberty to stay in your home without showing your pain, they will enjoy their stay in your place and not bother to move. So are the mistakes. If you will not try to rectify your mistakes, they will keep pinching you for long time. So, don’t get adjustable with them, weed them out as soon as possible.

We are human and not God. So, it is very usual for us to commit mistakes. But repetition of mistakes is not at all good. Those who repeat mistakes are not being, they are either fool, demon, or impractical. So, check your mistakes and be a wise man. Mistakes do happen. Phenomenal occurrences of mistakes are okay but deliberately committed mistakes are blunder.

Jan 10, 2012

Intellect entails responsibility

The more intellect a person has the more he/she is responsible. When the intellect is missing, the responsibility is also not there.  Little children are not held responsible, because their intellect has not yet developed. The insane are not responsible, because they have lost the intellectual capacity. However, part of our being human is also that we make mistakes. Sometime we make mistakes without deliberation and intention. But sometime we knowingly and deliberately sin and do wrong to others. It is said, “to err is human and to forgive is divine.” Both parts of this statement are very true. As human beings we are responsible, but we do also make mistakes and we are constantly in need of forgiveness. 

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Jan 9, 2012

Neighbors – your well wishers can be your foe

Mine is a small colony with only 7 houses and 8 families residing. We were living very happily. We used to help each other in bad time and do party together. I had a misconception that my society is best, where there is no place for jealousy and revenge, which cleared last week when one of my neighbor helped the thieves in finding ways to enter other’s neighbor home for robbery. Who knows that the well wishers, who play and enjoy life together, can act like this? But this is the bitter reality.

So, it is better to be in a balanced relationship. Behave with your neighbors as neighbors and not your family members. Do not allow them enter each and every parts of your home. DO not tell them your week points. Enjoy with them but not let them know your secrets.

Jan 2, 2012


Lots of speculations are there for the year 2012. Some predicted that 2012 date marks the end of the world or a similar catastrophe. But I can foresee a good time ahead. Indeed, the developing technologies have threat to environment but our intellectual environmentalists are working hard in creating awareness to conserve the nature and make it a better place to live.
Individuals have also understood the importance of pure water, fresh air, and hygiene surroundings. They are individually working to make their surrounding clean and environmentally healthy. The situation is still controllable and prevention is better than cure. So, let’s be active and save the world.

Take an oath to create minimum pollution and save the resources. Your small carefulness such as switching of bulb when not in use, not to leave water tap running, save LPG while cooking, and more can do a lot. 

Green World!!!