Nov 17, 2011

Individual contribution in saving the Earth – Ideas

  • Do not use plastic to the possible extent. Use paper, jute or cloth carry bags for carrying things. You should keep a eco-friendly carry bag in your day-to-day use purse to avoid use of plastic carry bag.
  • Use glass or steel glasses and cups instead of disposable paper and plastic glasses and cups. Though the disposable paper cups and glasses are made of eco-friendly material, you should try not to use the.
  • Carry your water bottle with you. This will let you save your money as well as environment. Use minimal plastics in your life.
  • Don’t fire crackles on Diwali, marriage, and other occasions. It creates lots of pollutions.
  • Stop smoking. It hampers your health, others health, and the environment. In creates lots of air pollution.
  • Use eco-friendly beauty products, colors, etc.
Last but not least, do not waste water. Do not leave your tap opened. 
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