Feb 16, 2012

Tips for Healthy Sleep

·         Make your own sleep time-table – Do not follow the sleep time-table as said by others such as go to bed at 10.00 pm and take a nap of at least 8 hours. You should make your own routine to relax your body and brain. Even five hours of healthy sleep can serve the purpose well. You can decide your bed time as per your work routine.

·         Dinner should be light – You should have light dinner. Heavy food can disturb your while sleeping. 

·         Have dinner at least an hour before the bed-time Eating close to the bed time keeps sleep away as the body is actively involved in metabolizing the food consumed. So, the process of sleeping cannot go well side by side. 

·         Keep your gadgets away – You should keep gadgets such as mobile devices away from the bed. Keep them in silent mode. 

·         Maintain hygiene – You should wash your foot and hands properly before going to bed for a peaceful sleep. Remove you make-up and accessories that can disturb your sleep.

·         Bed should be clean – Your bed should be clean and nice looking to provide you a ‘feel good’ factor. Do not keep clothes, books, and such things on your bed.