Jan 17, 2012

Try these 10 ideas for better lifestyle - Very Easy!

1. Replace one of your coffeee dose with a class of fresh juice.
2. Plant a tree on your birthday.
3. Enjoy a ride in public transport at least once in a week and give your car a day to relax.
4. Take care of ME - mental n emotional well beings. Job, wife/girlfriend, husband/boyfriend, friends, family and dogs are important but no more than ME.
5. Say no to gadgets on Sunday. Gadgets alos need a holiday.
6. LOL - laugh out loud at least once a day. Even a single deep laugh in a day will give your body a great sense of relaxation,
7. Listen to your favorite music. Give some place to classical musics in your life. These musics have heavenly power to heel your wounds.
8. Do what that make you feel humane. You can teach poor students for an hour on leave day. You can donate your old clothes. You can feed the poor; serve the old-aged. Do what ever you love!
9. Walk at least 2KM in a week. Don't opt for car, bike, or rikshaw to visit local market. Walk! It is good for your health. Go for a morning or evening walk on weekend. It will reduce the extra fat from you.
10. Don't SMS freinds, who reside nearby you. Go and meet them. Find out time. It will make you feel better.