May 8, 2014

5 fruit-snacks for professionals to munch at workplace this summer

Maintaining a good health has become quite a challenging for working professionals.  Working hours of most of the government and private organization are around 8-9 hours. And on an average people spend around 2 hours on commuting. Overall, they have to stay 11-12 hours out from the residence. As a result professionals are left with very little hours to accomplish daily chore including serving family and solemnizing social responsibilities and in doing so they ignore their heath. Lack of time to look after health has left a large proportion of working population with a poor health condition. A small initiative in your eating habit can lead you a healthy life. 

Apart from breakfast, lunch, and dinners, you should start a practice of including some healthy fruit in your daily diet chart. Here is list of some healthy fruits you can munch at workplace.

Grape: As it is berry, you don’t need to peel or cut it to eat. You can easily eat grape at your work place. It is good thirst quenchers. It also satiates hunger. You can eat few grapes when ever you feel hungry and kick hunger aside.  

Black Plum/Jamun: It is rich source of Vitamin C and Potassium. It combats diabetes and prevents common diabetic symptoms like frequent thirst. You can easily eat this tiny fruit while sitting at your work station.

Apple: An apple a day keeps the doctor away! It is world’s healthy food. It helps in reducing cholesterol, promotes healthier heart, beats diarrhea and constipation, controls weight, detoxifies liver, boosts immunity system, decreases risk of diabetes, and many more. So, this is must have food for every individual. You don’t require cutting it before eating.

Orange: Yes, it may be bit awkward to peel orange at workplace but definitely it will not create clutter if you do in manner. After all, orange is good for your skin, hair, immunity, heart, eyes, and brain development. Also it prevents cancer and reduces chance of stomach ulcer. Guys, it improves quality of your sperm. Have an orange everyday and keep your legacy live through your offspring.

Daily Exercise

Feb 5, 2014

Lansdowne - a place to discover your inner self

If you get impressed with the outer embellishments of a place easily, you may find Lansdowne not worth visiting. At the very first sight, you may not find it a fascinating hill station with lots of scenery and pristine surrounding. There are no nonstop views of hills covered with lush green tress or heavy snow-capped mountains. You will not find a bustling Mall Road to shop around , BUT the timeless charm of the cantonment town is incomparable - the clean oblique roads,  the Church of St. Mary's, energetic dogs, a cinema hall in the town center, the discipline people maintain, the joy that place share, and the tranquility you obtain here.  Indeed, it is a place to discover your inner self.

I visited this beautiful place in the month of April and I enjoyed to the fullest. As I am not fascinated by the glitter and crowd much, I liked the place very much from the day one of itself. I got the peace that I was yearning since long.  To many, the place is boring and worthless in their early stay, however, as the time passes, the place successfully accesses the heart of its visitor and beckons them to stay some more days. The beauty of the town grows inside you with time, the peace of the place will soothe your soul , disciplined military men will indoctrinate a sense in you to grow as a better citizen, and of course the beauty of the scene will make you realize the "beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder".  To me, this place is extra special as I visited the place with extra special person.

Lush green surrounding

Spending quality time in the little town will enlighten you about real satisfaction in life, the kind of joy human kind should rejoice, the joy of living peacefully without greed, and the healthy lifestyle practiced by retired colonel. Indeed, this joy cannot be reinstated by attractive souvenir shops and conjure restaurants.

About this place: 
Lansdowne was named after the then Viceroy of India, Lord Lansdowne who came here in 1884. This beautiful place is positioned at 1700 meters above sea level in Uttarakhand. It is the home to the Garhwal Rifle. The nearest railway station is Kotdwar.

One should pack woolens, regardless of the season of visit. Weather keeps changing very often. Even if you are planning to visit this small rundown town in summer, you should keep at least one sweatshirt and thin blanket. The place can be visited all round the year. Winter gives you scenic beauty of the pristine surrounding to savor. In, summer you can soothe yourself after visiting this calm place.

GMVN (Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigam) can be the best accommodation option in budget. Fairydale Resort is also a good option but it may pinch your pocket. There are some small guest houses as well in the town. These guest houses will cost you little bit costlier in comparison to guest houses in other hill towns such as Shimle, Manalai, or Mussoorie.

Important places to visit: 
Bhulla Taal

Bhulla Taal is an interesting point of sightseeing. It is a forested area with an emerald green lake in its center. Enjoy pedal boat rides while feeding swans in the lake is a great experience. I liked it the most and visited this place twice during my 4 days stay in the town. It is a ideal place to spend a few leisure hours with your loved one. There is a greenhouse and a rabbit cage. You can enjoy feeding rabbit and seeing their bubbly acts. Simply browsing the scenery with a cup of coffee is also wonderful. There is a well maintained canteen near the lake, where you can get some good sorts of hot and cold beverages, snacks, South Indian, Chinese, and North Indian cuisines. Of course, you can get scoops of your favorite ice cream flavor from the canteen and enjoy the ambiance. You can also walk over the bridge atop the lake and click some beautiful stills to treasure. 

Bhulla Taal

Rabbit cage

Garhwal Rifles Regimental War Memorial
The War Memorial, at the Parade Ground of the Garhwal Rifles Center is another important attraction for the visitors.

Tip N Top

'Tip N Top', the highest point in Lansdowne is a great vantage point to view the sunrise and sunset. One can also opt to stay at GMVN log hut at “Tip N Top”. 

View from Tip N Top
The pain, the pleasure, the part of life – I am destined to live.

Dec 23, 2013

Your dream is 'YOU'

We have limited time, so we should not waste it by living someome's else life. Be yourself and live your life- the way you have been born, for the purpose God has send you as an angel to this beautiful World....

Do not get trapped by the dogma of - what other's say, what others are, and what other expect you to be. You should not try to do thing you do not want to do..

Do not let other's voice suppress your inner call...

Have courage to follow your heart....

Be brave enough to listen your heart.....

Have the passion to work to achieve what you want....

Be strong enough to live the life you have always dreamed of.....

Your dream is 'YOU'. Everything else is secondary.

Dec 9, 2013

You overlook your own soul when you MISS somebody

When you miss someone, your heart beats fast but your body stops functioning. Your fingers become cold and your soul become numb. You feel lonely in a crowd. I tell you, your room is not empty, you just cannot see anything and you cannot sense anything. Nothing can make your room blossom until you get under the shadow of the one whom you are missing. 

When you miss someone, you stop sensing your need. You forget to talk who are sitting beside you. You forget to eat a plate of delicious food; you are craving to get since long. You forget to see the beauty of your body in the attire that suits you the most. You forget to smile after listening a great joke. You forget to talk to yourself. You overlook the need of your soul. You forget the power in you. You are no more ‘YOU’…you become someone’s shadow…

Dec 7, 2013

Hating the feeling of loving you more than myself

Yes, I hate it. When I felt that I started loving you more than myself, I cried louder, and louder. Once I promised myself that I will not love anyone more than myself. Though, it was difficult, I practiced, i succeeded, and still trying to do the same.

For a while, I cooked for myself. I groomed myself. I shopped for myself. I laughed for myself.... and I lived for myself. I became quite a happy person for some time of my life. I loved to see the green world around me. I loved the smile of my face.  I started admiring the happiness of others. I was happy, very happy. This is all I wanted, I desired....I am HAPPY....

But my promise now seems broken. I hate it. I hate it the most. I am unable to control my tears rolling out of my blank eyes. I don’t have much desire in life. I wanted to love ‘Myself’ the most but I am failing once again. Once again. I have started loving someone more than my soul. I have started thinking of somebody before I think of myself. I started caring somebody more than I care for myself. My concern is bigger for somebody, than for myself. I don’t want all these to happen, once again. Nobody can actually learn my pains. Nobody can walk my path wearing my shoes.
The pain, the pleasure, the part of life – I am destined to live.

Mar 13, 2013

Live short with somebody but with full of heart and happiness...

I believe live with somebody till your heart feel happy. I will not mind if you say, it is over between you and me J. Rather, it will hurt me the most when I will realize that your long stay in my life gave you pain, forced you to lie me for anything, and made you two faced person for any reason. Do with heart, not with the social bondage. 

Ask for the personal space, if you need more. But please, don’t lie for partying with old buddies. Don’t lie to booze with your mates. Don’t lie to play with your friends. Don’t lie to attend lunges and clubs. Go, wherever you want, do whatever you desire. Just don’t lie to me. It hurts. I am not intended to give you this pain. If you don’t want to share these parts of my life, it is also okay. But don’t lie of doing one thing in the name of other. Better, you don’t say anything. 

Live with me when you are around me. It will hurt me when you dream of somebody else when you are with me. if you dream of somebody, work to achieve your dream and not to fool me, not torn my emotions…. I will not mind if you say, it is OVER between You & ME. I will not mind. I will change my path. I will not let my shadow come near you. Just live with full of your heart, be it for 1 day, 1 year or whatever. I will not mind even if you want to separate from me when I am at my death bed. I don’t want sympathy. I want truthfulness of heart for whatever days you live with me. Anything less than this, I cannot handle. 

The pain, the pleasure, the part of life – I am destined to live.

Mar 11, 2013

Time is powerful...

Yes, there is nothing as powerful as time; all you need is patience. If darkness has come to your life, definitely you will get the sunshine. Remember, at time you need the darkness to feel the power of light.

The following quote is very you should never devalue or hurt anyone...if you are doing so, your 'karma' will change the circumastances and you are bound to suffer the pain harder than you have given to somebody and you will be devalued to the extent that you can never look up...mind it, never, never in your life...