Aug 7, 2012

Ebooks now outsell print books in UK: Amazon

Yes, it is true that the popularity of ebook is increasing at an accelerated pace, especially in UK. According to Amazon, ebooks now outsell print books in UK. A book retailer in UK said, "For every 100 print books sold, 114 ebooks are purchased". 

Please note that these figures are particular to & and not for print or ebook sales anywhere else online or in physical stores. Anyway, the figure is enough to raise the eyebrows. Very soon, we can see similar figure in common calculation as well. Introduction of tablets and rise of Internet has driven our soul. Today, everybody wants to live an "elife" - online shopping, online reading(ebooks), online communication, online meeting, e- marriage, etc. Hell lots of activities are done online.

Novels and story books are commonly consumed contents on ebooks. Nowadays, digital content providers such as DK (Dorling Kindersley), Adobe, Alacra, Amazon, Innodata Isogen, and AOL are providing contents covering diverse subjects to attract more ebook readers. There will be no wonder when a day will come where print books will not exist but definitely not very soon, it will take hundreds of decades!  

The usability and flexibility of reading ebook is adding to the popularity of this trend.