Dec 8, 2011

Google Currents - magazine-like news reader for Android and iOS

Google’s long awaited answer to Flipboard, a social magazine application for Apple’s iPad and iPod Touch designed to collect the content of social networks and other websites and present them in magazine format on the Apple devices is Google Currents.  The new Google Currents service is available for both Android and iOS & it will include support for both smart phones and tablets. It will make online reading faster and enjoyable more than any other interface. The service is currently available in only United State. 

Google Currents is simple and touch-friendly way to consume favorite blogs, feeds of social networking sites and news sites straight on phone and tablet. Just go download Google Currents from the Android Market and the iTunes App Store for free. The feeds will be imported on device and will be cached for offline reading as well.

Dec 7, 2011

Apple loses the trademark iPad in China

Apple has been facing many hurdles on the end of intellectual property rights infringements in China. After fake Apple stores, it’s the term of trademark issue. China court has rejected Apple’s claim to own the iPad trademark. The dispute is between Apple and Proview Technology (Shenzhen), a Taiwanese-owned company. It registered trademarks for the name IPAD in many countries long before Apple conceived the name for its tablet.  

Proview Technology registered the name “IPAD” in the EU, China, Mexico, South Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam between 2000 and 2004, according to trademark databases. In 2006, Proview Electronics (Taiwan) agreed to sell Apple the “global trademark” for the IPAD name for £35,000, but the two companies have subsequently disagreed about whether that deal included China. Apple filed a lawsuit for the trademark in China, but Chinese trademark office rejected the application because the trademarks are owned by Proview Technology (Shenzhen), another affiliate of Proview International, the group is Hong Kong-listed holding company, and not the Taiwan unit.

Dec 2, 2011

MPs are happy- they need not throw the chairs now, when they have iPad

Despite the fact that the parliament is in state of paralysis these days, it has not stopped the Lok Sabha MPs from taking a digital leap. Lok Sabha secretariat has sanctioned Rs.50, 000 for each member to buy an iPad. The move is aimed at making office paperless and the members tech-savvy. Anyway, when they work on papers? They have nothing to do in parliament excepting fighting with each other, throwing chairs, and other stuffs. Ufff………what will they do with the feature rich iPad. Oh….an idea, they can throw the tablet computer on each other during a conflict.

Lok Sabha Secretary General T.K. Vishwanathan says, “We are encouraging MPs to use iPads. This would save a lot of paper”. You are right Mr. Vishwanathan, the iPad will save paper. It will also save mic and chairs. They can utilize the iPad to hit other members. They are very busy in serving the nation. When they don’t have time to research on topic on which discussion has to be done in the parliament, for sure, they cannot spend time in learning the technologies.

The PMs have been given the choice for buying Apple iPads or Android-based Samsung Galaxy Tabs. Very limited choice! There must be option for china product as well. It will help them utilizing the fund. They can buy a china iPad for small price and utilize rest money in making roads or other developmental activities as they are used to for spending personal income on nation. They are very innocent. Corruption is far away from them.

Mr Vishwanathan said 'It is easier to retrieve and rearrange information in a digital format”. Right, it will also help in retrieving the bank details in which black money us kept at ease. They need not visit the bank for each processing. 

To let the members make good use of the iPads, the secretariat is also planning to make selective areas of the Lok Sabha Wi-Fi-enabled so they can access easily. They need not take a data plan by spending penny just for these nuisances. It is good to utilize the resource for other activities as well. Now, they can also plan a terror attack sitting inside the premise of the parliament.

In Search of Soul

Yes, I am in search of soul. I am not able to take a firm decision. At times, I think of my heart and at times I want to listen to my brain. I really don't know what to do? I am in great confusion.

If I will do what my heart says, I will loose the one who have nourished me and made me stand on my own foot. If I will listen to my brain, I will never get happiness in my life. All rays of hope will be diminished. I will be trapped in darknes with lots of pains and most of pains will be from emotional side.

I want a holistic solution where I can find a mid-way. I can keep my heart and follow my brains. In fact, I feel my sould has been lost. I don't know who I am? I don't know what should I do? I don't know where I am happy? However, I know how  can  I be happy. But, who cares? Will people agree with me and let me remain happy?  I know, I am not doing anything wrong. But what is right for me can be wrong for other person. I just want to be right in all rounds.

Nov 24, 2011

My phone is my ----

My phone is my phone

My phone is my postman

My phone is my alarm

My phone is my clock

My phone is my music player

My phone is my FM player

My phone is my video player

My phone is my cine-theatre 

My phone is my gaming device

My phone is my computer

My phone is my planner

My phone is my navigator

My phone is my auditor

My phone is my storehouse

My phone is my social-platform

My phone is my freind

My phone is my world

My phone is my everything

Love you Samsung Galaxy Ace !!!

Nov 22, 2011

What I Feel 4 U

I can't live without u. Cause I can't care myself.

I can't eat to the fullest. I am not in habbit of eating without a rebuke. Who will rebuke me, if you are not there?

I can't reach office on time. I can't wake up in morning without your sweet alarm.

I can't cry, when you are not with me. Cause I know, no one will wipe out my tears.

Nov 17, 2011

Individual contribution in saving the Earth – Ideas

  • Do not use plastic to the possible extent. Use paper, jute or cloth carry bags for carrying things. You should keep a eco-friendly carry bag in your day-to-day use purse to avoid use of plastic carry bag.
  • Use glass or steel glasses and cups instead of disposable paper and plastic glasses and cups. Though the disposable paper cups and glasses are made of eco-friendly material, you should try not to use the.
  • Carry your water bottle with you. This will let you save your money as well as environment. Use minimal plastics in your life.
  • Don’t fire crackles on Diwali, marriage, and other occasions. It creates lots of pollutions.
  • Stop smoking. It hampers your health, others health, and the environment. In creates lots of air pollution.
  • Use eco-friendly beauty products, colors, etc.
Last but not least, do not waste water. Do not leave your tap opened. 
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Nov 14, 2011

a tale of Dumb Eyes!!

Eyes want to convey many a things,
it is full of emotions, filled with yearning,
eyes wants to express intense pain, intense love, and more intense hatredness
But its inability to echo makes it helpless..................

It has many dreams, lots of expectation and bounty of expression,
It pours down to express happiness and sadness,
But no one can feel the extreme soothness and unbearable pains it experiences........

It can see things even in dark and at times things are invisible to it in flasy light,
But it feels everything silently and patienlty without uttering a word

Nov 8, 2011

Save paper with your electronic devices

Now, you can carry your travel ticket in your electronic devices such as mobile phones, laptops, and tablets. When you have options to save paper, why to waste it unnecessary? You can contribute towards saving the environment by saving papers. Recently, Indian Railway announced that people can carry their ticket in online devices. They need not take print outs of online tickets. 

Mobile phone manufacturers are also taking steps to save the environment. High end mobiles are now coming with e-manual instead of user guide booklet.

It is to note the increasing trend of email, SMS, EMS, and MMS are saving paper considerably. Earlier, people used to write letter and post it for communication. Applications were written and it has taken form of formal email. MMS has replaced greeting cards. Thus, electronic devices and advancement of information technology is contributing in saving the environment. 

Yes, I do agree that there are more threats to environment in dumping the electronic devices as compared to paper. But it is obvious that no one today can leave without phones and other electronic devices as they have become a part of our life. This is e-age and everything is dependent on electronic devices and information technology. So, let’s save paper, if we cannot stop using electronic devices. 

It is to be noted that the manufacturers of e-devices are now using environment compliant and RoHS materials for making the devices to reduce pollution. 

Oct 20, 2011

Increasing Trend of Online Shopping in India

Online shopping in India has evolved over the years and now it’s high on trend. To avoid the crowded stores of traditional market, consumers across the world including India are switching to online shopping. Recent global survey conducted by The Nielsen Company revealed – “85 percent of the world’s online population has used the Internet to make a purchase, up 40 percent from two years ago, and more than half of Internet users are regular online shoppers, making online purchases at least once a month.” It has been found that books, clothes, footwear, electronic mobile devices, and accessories are most popular purchases online. Among payment options, credit card is widely used across the world but India online consumers are still relying on cash on delivery mode of payment.

According to ASSOCHAM survey on 10 cities - Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Delhi, Chandigarh, Bangalore, Ludhiana, Chennai, Kolkata, Lucknow, and Jaipur, Mumbai ranked number one (65%), followed by Ahmedabad, Delhi, Chandigarh, Bangalore and Ludhiana for shopping products online.

Let’s now focus on Indian online shopping habit:

What stuffs are mostly purchased on Internet in India?

Train tickets, airline tickets, movies tickets – Online ticketing is very popular in India. To avoid the long queue, people prefer online ticketing.

Apparel and fashion accessories: People buy apparel and fashion accessories online. However, large population still prefers traditional markets for clothes for right fitting and color choice.

Electronic devices: Nowadays, online retailers are providing lucrative deals on electronic appliances. Therefore, people are switching to web shopping for appliances. However, mobile phones, laptops, and mini electronic kits are mostly sold online.

Books: Students are most poor section of society. They crave to save even small penny. Online book retailers are provide books at heavy discounts. Owing to heavy discount, online book shopping is high on trend.

India online shopping in future:

With increasing awareness of Internet, online sell is going to increase in India.

As no real estate cost is required, online retailers will focus on improving the service.

Hurdles of online shopping in India:

Note: internet retail industry currently stands at Rs 2,000 crore across the country, and is expected to reach Rs 7,000 crore by 2015.

We are still facing hurdles – sort out!

Transaction: Secure transaction is the major hurdle, Indian consumers are experiencing.

Technological backwardness: Due to low penetration of computers in India, majority of consumers from 2nd and 3rd tier cities couldn’t access web for shopping.

Unavailability of credit and debit cards in every hand: There is lesser number of credit card and debit card holders in India. People in rural India still do not have bank accounts and such cards for shopping.

Reluctant behavior of consumer: People are not very friendly with Internet. They feel reluctance in revealing their financial information.

Lack of confidence on e-commerce portals: Many people look for products online but they purchase at traditional market. This reflects the lack of confidence of buyers in e-commerce portals.

Poor services offered by website: Due to lack of proper infrastructure and technology, all online stores are not rendering satisfactory services such as tracking shipment, intact delivery of product, and poor on phone service.

Worth mentioning popular and trusted online stores:,,,,,,,,,,, etc

Personal affair: My online shopping experience

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