Dec 9, 2013

You overlook your own soul when you MISS somebody

When you miss someone, your heart beats fast but your body stops functioning. Your fingers become cold and your soul become numb. You feel lonely in a crowd. I tell you, your room is not empty, you just cannot see anything and you cannot sense anything. Nothing can make your room blossom until you get under the shadow of the one whom you are missing. 

When you miss someone, you stop sensing your need. You forget to talk who are sitting beside you. You forget to eat a plate of delicious food; you are craving to get since long. You forget to see the beauty of your body in the attire that suits you the most. You forget to smile after listening a great joke. You forget to talk to yourself. You overlook the need of your soul. You forget the power in you. You are no more ‘YOU’…you become someone’s shadow…