Mar 13, 2013

Live short with somebody but with full of heart and happiness...

I believe live with somebody till your heart feel happy. I will not mind if you say, it is over between you and me J. Rather, it will hurt me the most when I will realize that your long stay in my life gave you pain, forced you to lie me for anything, and made you two faced person for any reason. Do with heart, not with the social bondage. 

Ask for the personal space, if you need more. But please, don’t lie for partying with old buddies. Don’t lie to booze with your mates. Don’t lie to play with your friends. Don’t lie to attend lunges and clubs. Go, wherever you want, do whatever you desire. Just don’t lie to me. It hurts. I am not intended to give you this pain. If you don’t want to share these parts of my life, it is also okay. But don’t lie of doing one thing in the name of other. Better, you don’t say anything. 

Live with me when you are around me. It will hurt me when you dream of somebody else when you are with me. if you dream of somebody, work to achieve your dream and not to fool me, not torn my emotions…. I will not mind if you say, it is OVER between You & ME. I will not mind. I will change my path. I will not let my shadow come near you. Just live with full of your heart, be it for 1 day, 1 year or whatever. I will not mind even if you want to separate from me when I am at my death bed. I don’t want sympathy. I want truthfulness of heart for whatever days you live with me. Anything less than this, I cannot handle. 

The pain, the pleasure, the part of life – I am destined to live.

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